Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three - Above the church of faith

Rick came from the Washington, and he liked to go out when he could to draw the rose gardens. His drawings weren't breathtaking, but every now and then his friends would admire the work. On the rare occasion, he was able to sell his drawings in a coffee shop. He would host 10 minute drawings for a couple hours whenever he could to get a bit of extra cash.

Today was Rick’s day off, which wasn't something that happened too often. He decided to take full advantage of this and take a walk in the park to see if there was anything worth drawing today. He grabbed his coat, keys, wallet, pencil and paper and walked out his door. On his way down the steps to the ground floor of the church, he fixed the collar of his coat. He pulled open the church door, and, to his surprise, snow piled in. He had been asleep for the past eight hours and hadn't seen the snowfall that morning.

He tried in vain to scoop the snow back outside but eventually gave up, closed the door, and carried on his way to the park. The streets were mostly clear now that the plows had come through sometime in the morning. Like always on his day off, he walked down main street and snagged a copy of that day’s newspaper from the news vendor outside of Dreamwood Terrace apartment building. He sniffed, and he smelled something familiar floating out of the recently opened doors of Dreamwood Terrace. He ignored it figuring it was a figment of his imagination. He flipped through the paper as he walked and found nothing that sparked his interest. He put it under his arm and continued his way to the park.

Rick eventually found his way to a bench in the park opposite a fountain that had iced over in the night. He reached inside his coat pocket and withdrew his worn notebook and pencil. He started to draw the fountain. However, Rick paused when he saw a bit of color on the white snow near the base of the fountain. It was a card with a picture of a court jester on it. Below the picture, simple typeface displayed that it was the Fool.

Rick heard some muttering and looked over his shoulder to see a knobbly old woman wandering around the park, seemingly floating over the snow and looking for something. As she got closer to him, Rick smelled a strong odor of sage mixed with the smell of weed. He wondered what a woman of her age was doing getting stoned.

She stopped in front of Rick and asked, "Have you seen one of my tarot cards? It is the Fool."

Rick pointed towards the fountain base. "Yeah, right over there. Shame, though, I quite liked the look of it with the fountain," he said. The old woman reached down, picked up the card, and drifted off without a word.


  1. I would like to know what happened to your dreams, why did you become so drift-y?

  2. Hiya, I'm thinking we should have the bonfire by the train tracks.