Wednesday, December 17, 2014


     Rick is 26 years old, with a long slender face, lanky build, and shorter brown hair. He lives with alone in the upper part of The Church of Faith. The attic of The Church was hot in the summer and cold as hell in the winter. Over all the living conditions for Rick were not stellar. The attic itself wasn't all bad though. It had a fairly large living area and a small bathroom that included a shower. The floor is a hardwood and Rick tries his best to keep it in the best shape he can. However he left them littered with his drawings.

     When Rick was the age of 10 he wanted to be a firefighter as well as a doctor. Later in life Rick found his dream to not be a viable reality. In fact as soon as he turned 13 he decided that he liked the idea of a tv show star better. He then later abandoned that dream shortly after the age of 16 when he determined, putting it bluntly, that people in general were not as great as they were hyped up to be. Consequently he didn't want to try and please people anymore. What inspired this change of heart Rick couldn't really put his finger on. He wanted to start drawing, so he started carrying around a pencil and pad around with him wherever he went. By the age of 19 he had big dreams of becoming a moderate artist making his own in the world. Not world famous, but well enough off to have a nice place somewhere with decent enough people around him. As time when on his skill with a pen improved. He started selling some of his drawings on the side while he worked.

     Currently Rick is sleeping off the considerable amount of alcohol that he had consumed at his friend's wedding reception the previous night. His friend that got married was Dave. Dave wasn't all that smart when it came to picking out who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. This particular wedding was the Dave's fourth wedding since he had met Rick. Rick first met him about 11 months ago... Needless to say Dave wasn't doing so well. For the matter Rick wasn't doing that hot either. Rick was late for his job that started at seven thirty. He worked the graveyard shift at O'Harley's, seven thirty pm to two thirty am. He woke with a start and looked over at the alarm clock beside his bed. The clock was blank. He scrambled for his watch on his night stand. The clock read 8:30. "Shit..." Rick said in a low grown. He still had a powerful headache from the wedding reception. He stumbles out of his bed, grabs a pair of three day old jeans off the floor and throws them on. He roots through his drawer across the room for a shirt and throws the cleanest looking one on. Rick dashes into the kitchen and turns on the light and immediately regretting it. He quickly turns it off and fumbles around till he finds the aspirin. He grabs a glass from the cabinet and pours himself a glass of water. Rick chugs the water and takes the aspirin. "Where the hell are my shoes?" Rick says while pinching his brow. He starts looking around his bedroom and kitchen frantically for his shoes to no avail. Rick finally finds one, it was on his foot already, he hadn't taken it off the night before. He walks into his living room to find his other shoe halfway across the room under his couch. He doesn't have time to worry about that woman laying on his sofa he didn't really know. What was her name? Karen, Lisa, or maybe it was Jane. Rick couldn't remember for the life of him. He stumbled out the door fumbling with the keys in an effort to lock his door. By this time the aspirin are starting to kick in and he walks down the stairs of The Church of Faith to go to work.